Why I Write

notebook poem pen

It’s been a long time coming for me to feel courageous enough to create something new and show it to others. I’ve already told you it took me two years to launch this site. But it needed to happen. I believe we all have something to bring to the world.

And for now, my something is mindfulness – through words, training and tools. I needed it to make my life better and it’s worked.

The reality (for now) is, nearly everything I write, I write to myself, or to very close friends (they just don’t always know it).

I write for that scared little boy, hiding and afraid to show himself. The one who thinks he’s not enough — not smart enough; not talented, handsome enough or funny enough; that he hasn’t done enough. The one who’s convinced that once he’s perfect, once he does everything he thinks the world demands of him, then finally he’ll be able to come out and play. People will finally accept him and the faults he’s so desperately trying to cover up.

My message is always the same, though written many ways.

That’s a race you can’t win, playing by their rules, waiting for everyone else to tell you that you’ve done it. And even more, there is no finish line. At least not until you drop dead from effort.

I write because I need to be reminded of this. Because some days I still think it’s a race. That I need to try to keep up with whatever I imagine everyone else is doing. And with every new word I hope I’m a step closer to getting off that track for good.

Because the really great stuff lies everywhere but in that race. We see it when we let ourselves be still. When we can hush the voices of the world for a moment to hear what’s going on inside, where our souls talk in their low rumble, where they burn to make their difference in the world.

I’m writing this all for me. But I’m hoping I’m writing it for you, too. If you happen to have a frightened boy or girl inside you, ready to show their beautiful face, bring their unique gifts to the world, and show the rest of us how we, too, can know we’re enough.