What Are You Doing?

I don’t always know what I’m doing.

No, I’m not talking about trying something for the first time and figuring it out along the way. In that regard, I rarely know what I’m doing.

I mean I’m learning to pay attention to what I’m doing – where I spend time and attention. And I don’t just mean activities that distract us — TV, Facebook, etc.

I mean the actual work. Am I working on the things that matter? That move my business, help me gain the skills to get me to where I want to go or help others do great things?

Do you know what you’re doing?

If you’re not, revisit your personal Why. What is the thing that gets you up in the morning? Why have you chosen the path you’re on?

Checking in with that, using it as a barometer, you’ll start to identify tasks that don’t help you get there.

Let me give you an example.

I spent my first adult years as a digital marketer. And every once in a while I’m drawn into the fantasy world of affiliate websites, cheap blogs or SEO sites. Because they promise easy money, something for nothing.

So I spend a couple days researching, imagining (without taking real action) the ways I’m going to make money and not have to work. Or what my life will be like once my worries are gone.

Thankfully, I eventually find my way back to my why and ask myself if this path jives with it. Does it help me make an impact on the world?

And the answer is no.

So I get back to real work. The work that feeds me, that leads where I want to go.

Unfortunately, that’s also the hard work. It’s the work that requires me to be vulnerable. To take risks. To show myself. To make mistakes. To risk failure or ridicule.

Remember, if we’re running toward something, it means we’re running away from something else.

If you’re not chasing your Why, if you’re not on the path that gets you there, I’m willing to bet you’re running away from it.

Because it’s scary and it pushes us and it requires us to get better all the time.

That’s why we run.

But that’s ok. We can always turn around.