Two Years

sketch book on table

I realized last night that I’d been working on the idea for Hero in a Half Shell for over two years before I launched it. For two full years I sat on something I knew would help others, I knew was part of my contribution to the world, I knew needed to come out.And why? What were my excuses?

And why? What were my excuses?

Seriously, I don’t know. Other than that I was scared. Scared I would fail. That people would laugh at me. That I really had nothing of value to share.

The problem is that for two years, I did fail. I failed to show my work. I failed to take a chance and learn and grow. I failed to touch a single person.

My challenge for you today: What is your art? What have you been hiding for years, planning to ship? What’s your contribution? I know you have one. And I know it’s scary.

Ship it. Show it. Make it real today.

But believe me, in two years you don’t want to look back at your work and wonder why you never took the chance.