Some Weeks Are a Struggle: How to Get on Track

busy people walking blurred

My meditation practice fell off the past two weeks. We had a big project with Golden Bristle and I’ve been working tirelessly on some new features for private members of Hero in a Half Shell – recording brand new audio and video. And, of course, everything had to get out on schedule. So needless to say, I’ve had to get a lot done in a short period of time.

And thus I haven’t treated myself as well as I’d like.

Things seem to compound at once. This story isn’t new. It’s one that belongs to all of us.

I just got busy fast. My day job hasn’t let up (as they generally don’t). I feel behind on sleep. My time has been stretched for over a month. Sound familiar?

And by the time I got home every night, my brain was exhausted. I knew meditation was important. But I was concerned I’d fall asleep as soon as I sat on the cushion. So I powered through, writing, working or doing whatever I needed to get done. Or sometimes just tuning in front of TV to give my mind a rest.

The problem? I was never refreshed. I wasn’t able to reset. So every night my mind spun as I thought of whatever problem needed solving the next day. And by morning, I felt no more rested than the night before.

It’s an easy downward spiral for us to find ourselves in. And I can’t promise it’s easy to escape from. My only advice is to remember the importance of your practice. Remember that it’s called that for a reason. We all have to practice, regularly, and with intention, in order to make progress.

My advice: Do what you can to prepare for weeks like this. Write yourself notes. Have a partner you can call when things get tough. Or, shoot, email me and I’ll give you a little (or giant) nudge.

Luckily, today I had a good reason to think about my practice — this post. So the time I spent considering what to write about helped put things in perspective. It got me back on the cushion. And even one 15-minute session can do wonders when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

And then it’s on to tomorrow. Another opportunity to commit to my practice, to being here in my life. This time with a slightly deeper understanding of how I feel when I let my practice slip.