Moving to Me

me we reflected words
I’ve written and talked about the questions that led me to where I am today:
Why do we do the (crazy) things we do?
How can we stop doing some of those things?
The deeper I’ve explored these, the more I’ve realized I wasn’t looking for an answer for ‘we’. I was looking for an answer for ‘I’.
For years, I thought the work I did – the research, experiments, projects, then business – was for others. That it was a way for me to explain the world around me and help make it a little better. And that’s true. I’m driven to help others.
But the secret that’s helped me be successful (a secret that I only recently discovered) is that everything I’ve done has gotten me closer to understanding me.
Only through getting a better understanding of why I do crazy things, how I can make improvements to my life, have I been able to help others.
I tell my friends that it’s not a coincidence that I started Golden Bristle doing something that teaches the exact skills and behaviors I need to be successful in business. I had to get myself right before I could offer the most value to anyone else.
And that’s why I believe that the growth areas derived from meditation – self-awareness, empathy, compassion – are paramount to being a part of a successful team or to running a successful business (or life). I’ve lived it.
When I want to help others, I have to be able to help myself first.