VR is a Legal Drug

guy with oculus pointing

It took only 10 minutes of playing with Oculus for me to understand that our lives are going to be fundamentally changed by its existence. And probably sooner rather than later. I was visiting a friend who works for an animation company. (Insert plug: They do awesome work.) They had just bought a new super…

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Simple Changes for a Healthy Body

tense face squatting

Last week I went to a personal trainer to have a mobility assessment. It was comprised of basic movements we naturally do as children — squatting, rolling and crawling — but forget how to do as we get older. The tests confirmed that my upper back and shoulders are exceedingly tight. My shoulders roll slightly forward,…

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Meditating at the Dentist in 5 Steps

happy kid smiling

I don’t floss as often as I should. And I try not to use the word ‘should’, but I think it’s appropriate in this context. My dentist and hygienist tell me to pay attention to flossing every time I’m there. Today was no different. I had my teeth cleaned. Don’t worry, things are looking good.…

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How to Maintain Your Meditation Practice While Traveling

Airplane Wing

This post was inspired by a friend/client whose name I won’t mention because I suspect it might embarrass her. But she asked a wonderful question so I wanted to be sure to answer completely and openly. She travels a lot for work — I suspect a couple times a month, for days at a time.…

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Some Weeks Are a Struggle: How to Get on Track

busy people walking blurred

My meditation practice fell off the past two weeks. We had a big project with Golden Bristle and I’ve been working tirelessly on some new features for private members of Hero in a Half Shell – recording brand new audio and video. And, of course, everything had to get out on schedule. So needless to…

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Why Do We Have Our Best Ideas in the Shower?

kid in bath foamy hair

You know what I’m talking about. You’re just minding your own business, washing your hair, when suddenly a million dollar idea comes out of nowhere. And you don’t have anywhere to write it down. You’re not alone. Flash insights like these are all about unstructured, distraction free time. And no, that isn’t exactly the mindfulness meditation…

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The First Time I Meditated


I went to bed at 10:39 pm most every day in high school. The precise nature of that time may have been due to some obsessive tendencies, but that’s a different story. I decided it was the optimal time since I could never seem to be in bed by 10:30 on the dot and I…

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Like It’s Your Job

artist carving work

It’s no secret that I’ve struggled at times to maintain a consistent meditation practice. I’ll tell anyone that. Even sitting once a week for an extended period of time can be a challenge if I begin to slip. Even though it’s my business and life work, I find myself at times struggling to justify taking…

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The Annoying Part of Self Awareness

Thanks to mindful awareness I flossed my teeth last night. I know, doing something that’s good for my health probably shouldn’t be considered annoying. But I assure you, when I started brushing my teeth I didn’t want to floss at all. My inner dialogue went something like this: – “Do I feel like flossing tonight?”…

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Mindfulness and Using Non-Dominant Hands

Today I put my face lotion on with the opposite hand. It felt really weird and made my brain sweat a little. A few years ago my New Year’s resolution was to use my off hand for more stuff. I don’t know how long that lasted, but it was not the whole year. I just…

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