matt-thieleman-headshotWhen I turned 6, a famous crime-fighting turtle named Donatello visited my birthday party. To this day, it may have been the greatest moment of my life.

We talked about defeating bad guys, eating pizza and coming up with super cool catch phrases (Cowabunga!).

And when he left he gifted me a real wooden bo staff and made me an honorary member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — I didn’t even have to be a teenager.

Why is that important to you? I really don’t know. But the Turtles were an integral part of growing up for me. They taught me the lessons of teamwork, humility, patience and commitment to doing the right thing. Lessons I continue to try to carry with me today.

They also may have been my first introduction to meditation. I can’t count the number of times I sat cross-legged, hoping to have a vision like Leonardo and solve whatever big problem I was facing.



I may have never solved any big world problems, but I have continued the path of mindfulness to the best of my ability. Through starts and stops, stumbles and falls. And have helped others explore the path themselves. This is my charge.

Where I’ve Been

I was made in the great American city of Detroit and spent the bulk of my first 25 years in the best state in the country. I’ve also lived in Madrid, Spain; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Washington, D.C.; and now Nashville, TN.

For the past 8+ years I’ve worked to help businesses and organizations be more human – to communicate authentically with their audiences and treat people like people. I’ve had the great fortune to work with folks from Fortune 500 companies and world-renowned universities to locally-owned businesses and startups.

I still do that at 2Man Marketing.

I’m also working on something bigger. An idea that I think can bring an even larger impact to the world. I run Golden Bristle, where we help business teams, leaders and students unleash their awesome. We teach folks tools to help them become more mindful in work and life, leading to happy, healthy, focused, productive workforces that positively impact the world around them.

And here I help people take their mindfulness practice from zero to one and unlock the ways in which mindfulness can help them create the life they want. Whether you’re a meditation newbie or have been exploring for some time, I hope this is a place of refuge and inspiration.

Any questions for me? Want to work together? I’m here:

Be well.

Matt Thieleman